how employee health on oil rigs in the gulf of Mexico affects the prices of their auto insurance

The world runs on oil – which is why prospects for oil rig employment will remain bright for a long time to come. Whether used as energy or in the petrochemical industry, no one has found a cost-effective replacement for oil despite billions of dollars of research.

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Group health insurance is purchased by your employer from an affordable auto insurance¬† company. Everyone who is eligible can receive coverage under the plan. Group health insurance is less costly than individual health insurance¬†because you have the buying power of the group. The insurance company bases the premium upon a calculation of how much insurance the group as a whole will use. However, if you are buying individual health insurance, the calculation of your premium is not based on a group, it’s based on you alone. That is why individual health insurance can be so expensive.

downsides of working for a oil rig company when auto insurance coverage is more expensive

Individual health insurance is health insurance that you purchase from an insurance company on your own, and not through an employer. You can choose coverage for either yourself or your self and your family, individual policies often provide less coverage than group policies do. Under an individual plan, some services such as substance abuse treatment may not be covered.
Another important difference between group and individual health insurance is that with group insurance, the law requires the insurance company to cover everyone who works for that employer. With individual health insurance, companies are not required to issue you a policy. This can be very alarming for people who have pre-existing conditions. If you have recently lost your job, it can be surprising to find out that even though you have been covered under a group plan, there is no assurance that you will be able to obtain individual health insurance coverage.

In some states, health insurance companies are allowed to issue policies to people with pre-existing conditions, but they are issued with an exclusionary rider. That means that any services for the pre-existing condition are not covered. Each state has its own laws overseeing how individual health insurance is administered. Therefore, plans can very a great deal from state to state. Plans can also vary from one insurance company to another. Be sure to check around and compare quotes and plans from several different companies before making a decision.

The question of commercial auto insurance for smaller companies often isn’t quite as clear as it is for these major transporters, particularly if the business employs a small number of personnel and those personnel use their own vehicles for company business. Often, business owners believe that because these vehicles are already covered under a personal policy a commercial auto insurance policy would be a redundant waste of profits. Better to allow the auto insurance companies to do what they do best and put their profits to good use.

The catch is, cars that are on the road all day are at a higher risk of an accident than cars and trucks that Because the last thing you or your employees want to do is get into a six month fight with your auto insurance provider about whether your vehicle is used primarily for business or pleasure because you’ve had an accident while on the road doing company business, a commercial auto insurance policy for your business is the best solution.